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More than just natural, Auromère products are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and are crafted with premium Ayurvedic herbs and botanical extracts. The wild-crafted herbs and minerals used in Auromère products are known in Ayurveda for their unique beneficial and rejuvenative qualities. The purity and authenticity of the ingredients, formulations and manufacturing procedures make each product remarkably effective in maintaining optimal hygiene, well-being, and beauty.

Auromère works closely with suppliers in India to ensure the highest quality, authentic, natural Ayurvedic products, engaging local specialists, practitioners and cottage industries who provide employment in local village communities throughout the country.

Auromère is entirely owned and operated by a non-profit Integral Yoga ashram in Northern California. It is run and managed by members and volunteers of the ashram as part of their spiritual practice. All proceeds from Auromère products support the upkeep and activities of the ashram, as well as other Integral Yoga efforts in the U.S. and India.

Cruelty-free pledge: Auromère is committed to providing natural, vegetarian body care products that are not tested on animals, and condemns the practice of cruelty to animals through drug and cosmetic testing. Over the years the Auromère brand has carried the seal of approval from the Humane Society, Beauty Without Cruelty, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the “Leaping Bunny” logo of the CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics).



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Schedule an appointment CALL : 717.832.5993

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