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Colon Cancer is a common cause of cancer deaths in the US.Despite cancer prevention screening colonoscopy availability, metastatic colon cancer is not a rare condition.There are many natural, alternative or integrative medicine treatments to both prevent colon cancer and to improve survival.A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber markedly reduce colon cancer.Below is a list of professional grade supplements that have good scientific basis for their use in both preventing colon cancer and improving its outcome.Power tools like juicers and high speed blenders are essential.Vitamin D level optimization, probiotics like Ortho Biotic , and curcumin (extract of turmeric) are key players.Rx metformin (glucophage) should be considered even in non-diabetics.Estrogen replacement therapy in women reduces risk of Colon Cancer.We encourage meeting with the integrative doctor for a more in depth protocol based on an individual's needs.IV vitamin C and anti-cancer supplements should be considered.

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