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More and more people in the US are suffering from type II diabetes. This is where the body is no longer responding to insulin, either insulin levels have dropped or the body's receptors are no longer able to respond as they once did to insulin. Sugar level rise and then patients suffer the cardiovascular, circulatory and neurologic damaging effects of diabetes. If you come to see me as a diabetic, I will teach you how food can worsen this condition or improve this condition. I can also evaluate your hormones as they also play a role in treating diabetes. I offer IV therapy, which can help prevent the damaging effects of diabetes. So if you have diabetes or looking to prevent it, come see me as a patient to discuss your options, including natural health products.

SPECIAL REPORT - Diabetics please note that high levels of IV Vitamin C (including Vitamin C in chelation therapy) can give false readings in fingerstick blood glucose levels. This will take several hours to clear the blood stream. Please assume that elevated blood sugar readings via finger stick testing are NOT accurate and do not take insulin based upon these falsely elevated readings. Read Article


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