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Enlita Farms is dedicated to creating the highest quality, organic healing nutritional supplements.  Much of our focus is on our CBD Oil, produced from plants grown right on our own farm.  Our CBD products are truly among the very best on the market because we control quality every step of the way and we believe in helping people first. 

Enlita Farms is a family owned hemp farm, located in Longmont, Colorado USA, part of a select group of farms in a vertically integrated system, dedicated to creating the highest quality, effective, all natural hemp nutritional supplements and bringing those to the growing US and International markets.

Their products include our own proprietary Full Plant Hemp Extracts that come directly from our own hemp crop grown right on our farm. We leave all naturally occurring Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids in our products in their naturally occurring balance, creating the highest quality oils on the marketplace according to our customers. Many also tell us of the “entourage” effects that they get from our products. 

How do we create such high quality CBD products?

Our entire focus is on producing the highest quality CBD oils that actually help people.

Our products come straight from our own farms in Colorado using only legal hemp.

We control the entire process, from beginning to end, with experts in genetics through seed and cloning, planting, cultivation, nutrient programs, watering programs, harvesting, curing, through extraction of the oil and formulation of our end products to maintain our level of quality throughout. This beginning-to-end expert control is very rare in our industry.

We only use only organic, very high-end nutrients that are Non-GMO.

We use natural pest control with no pesticides nor chemicals used throughout the growing season.

We offer a higher than normal range of potent extracts available up to 3000 mg, 30 mL tincture bottles for those with serious health issues that need high dosages.

Our product is a pure full or whole plant hemp extract, that contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, among other compounds, available in our plants. We have found that whole plant extracts produce far better affects for our customers than the isolates, distillates and other low-quality products on the market. The vast majority of CBD oils on the market aren’t effective. We hear this from many customers and have seen this ourselves. These will not help you or people that you know.

We also offer one of the lowest prices per mg on the market for the very highest quality oils available because we truly want to get our products into the hands of as many people as we can to help them.

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Schedule an appointment call : 717.832.5993

Schedule an appointment CALL : 717.832.5993

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