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Testosterone for Women Bio Identical Hormone

This product is for patients only and requires a prescription.

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Dr. Hohenwarter has been prescribing 'bio-identical hormones' since 1996. After years of experience with various commercially available and compounded forms of hormones, Dr. Adrian began compounding hormones for his own patients using the same quality of raw material used by any compounding pharmacy. He currently is using what he has found to be the most reliable mode of delivery which is applied to the skin transdermal. You just rub your prescribed dose on your thigh or stomach.

2 OZ Liquid
NEW 190 proof pure ORGANIC ethanol solution

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Patients are required by law to follow up for an appointment every 6 months or as directed by their doctor.
Testosterone therapy is widely prescribed for postmenopausal women. No testosterone product, however, is FDA approved for use in women. Testosterone production is critical for women. Testosterone is a major precursor for estradiol production, and it acts directly on androgen receptors throughout the body. Testosterone levels decline with age across the reproductive years; by the time women reach their late 40s, their blood testosterone levels are approximately half what they were in their 20s.
Testosterone may also be important for the maintenance of bone and muscle mass. Observational studies have reported that low serum testosterone is associated with lower bone mineral density and increased fracture risk in postmenopausal women.
Despite a perceived link between increased testosterone and cardiovascular disease, most studies do not show that higher testosterone contributes to cardiovascular disease risk in postmenopausal women. A large study has reported an increased risk of coronary heart disease events in women who had low levels of total and bioavailable testosterone.

Research evaluating the effect of testosterone therapy on cognitive performance in postmenopausal women is under way.

Testosterone improves commonly reported sexual problems, such as diminished sexual desire and arousal, pleasure, and overall satisfaction.*

*American Society for Reproductive Medicine Volume 20, Number 2 - May 2012
Transdermal application of Testosterone is the preferred route but yet to be FDA approved. Women require a much smaller dose than men. Proper monitoring of lab tests is important to establish correct dose and prevention of any above laboratory abnormalities.

Use as directed by Dr. Hohenwarter

The dose is measured using the BAXA adaptacap and amber measuring syringe (no needle! Just to measure). Patients have been very pleased; in fact several doctors abandoned shots of testosterone in favor of this easier and more highly absorbed form.

Prescription only.

Proprietary formula.
Dr. Adrian began compounding hormones for his own patients using the same quality of raw material used by any compounding pharmacy. He currently is using what he has found to be the most reliable mode of delivery which is a 190 proof pure ORGANIC ethanol solution which is applied to the skin (transdermal). Transdermal medications bypass the liver thereby increasing their potency and reducing the workload on the liver's detox pathways. Note that this gel is an alcohol solution. Most pharmacies that make gels use a denatured toxic smelling alcohol. The ethanol used here is equivalent to grain alcohol. There is no perceptible residue left on the skin.


SIDE EFFECTS of Testosterone replacement for Women may include, but are not limited to:

  • hair loss
  • acne,
  • voice deepening,
  • enlargement of the clitoris,
  • hair growth where a woman does not want it.
  • some studies also show an elevation of LDL and lowering of HDL.
  • oral testosterone can increase risk of liver tumors and cholestasis but this is not shown with transdermals.
  • menstrual irregularity or absence of periods
  • increased muscle mass
  • oily skin



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